Return policy

In order to make a difference in interests for customers when buying products at Chi Cong Joint Stock Company. We apply the following exchange and return support policies:
Cases are returned goods, exchange:
• The goods are not in the right specifications, categories and models as you order.
• External conditions are affected such as peeling, breaking …
• Defective goods, not qualified as non-operational, objective failure within the warranty …
The case is not exchangeable or returnable:
• Re-send goods not in the right model, not Chi Cong’s products.
• Violating the regulations on the use of Chi Cong Joint Stock Company.
• The warranty expires or does not comply with the instructions to enjoy the warranty.
• Returned goods that have errors arising from the process of transporting from customers to Chi Cong.
Commitment to quality:
In order to keep our reputation with customers and to Chi Cong Corporation, we promise that all goods are exactly as described on Chi Cong’s homepage. If in the course of purchasing or using, you can prove that the quality of goods is not as described, Chi Cong will be responsible for compensation for all damages to you.
• Chi Cong is not responsible for lost or damaged goods during transit from your destination to Chi Cong.
• To avoid risks, please carefully check the product before signing.
Time and procedures for return
• Chi Cong supports to return products to customers up to 07 days after receiving the goods (Defective products due to manufacturer)
• When customers have a request to return or return products, please contact a support staff for detailed instructions on how to transport products, related sales documents for the quick return and exchange.
Chi Cong looks forward to receiving the support and feedback from our customers to improve the service quality every day!

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